Best Gift Ever: Upload Images & Attachments in Emails

Upload images and attachments in emails.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “But sending images and attachments in Jackrabbit emails isn’t new,” you are correct. But what is new is the ability to do it without using your DropBox account. This makes many of you ecstatic! Ballet Etc Studio for the Arts’ Katelyn Secord sums it up on Jackrabbit’s Facebook page: “Honestly, […]

4 Bad Habits That Can Disrupt Your Business

A stressed dance instructor managing her studio online.

Some say that you are the sum of your habits. So when the bad ones outpace the good ones – you know what happens. You sabotage yourself, inhibit your productivity and impede your path to success – whether success is completing a major project or daily tasks. Because you don’t always see bad habits encroaching […]

A Wish For You This Season

Happy Holidays

Everyone at Jackrabbit wishes you blessings of good health, success, and joy for the rest of 2016 and beyond! The East Coast team: The West Coast team:

Focused on Competition or Technique?

Dance competitions pros & cons

Lots of students, parents, instructors and studio owners are on the fence about dance competitions. They don’t feel either side has benefits that outweigh the other. But there are those who are firm proponents of dance competitions and those who are just as firmly against. Let’s look at what each side has to say. Our […]

Clever Way To Capture Waivers Online For Birthday Parties

New Jackrabbit Enhancements

Setting up Events in Jackrabbit to organize your birthday parties is a powerful tool. With the Events module, you can capture the family’s information, payment, party details and information about those attending each birthday party all in one place. If you haven’t used Events for birthday parties before, click here for more information. But wait, […]

Upload Images & Attachments in Emails

New Jackrabbit Enhancements

We have exciting news at Jackrabbit – you now have the ability to upload images and attach files to your emails! This has been a very popular request over the years from our customers. Last year, we added the Dropbox feature to make sharing files easier. This year, we went a step further and are […]

Selling Gift Cards This Holiday Season

A woman holding a blank gift card.

What do people want for the holidays? Gift cards. 62% of consumers said they would like to receive a gift card from this National Retail Federation survey. Parents coming into your facility don’t know they can purchase gift cards unless you tell them about them. You could even offer existing customers a discount when they […]

Use Skills To Share Videos

New staff Portal Skills on a tablet

 So, you’ve seen all the announcements for Jackrabbit’s latest enhancement to the Staff Portal – Skills/Levels? But you don’t track skills for your dancers. So this enhancement is not for you, right? No! Dance studios can use it too! When you are teaching your students a new dance or new choreography, have you always wanted […]

Fall Back: Steps for Daylight Savings in Jackrabbit

Check your daylight savings settings in Jackrabbit before Sunday, November 6th.

It’s almost time to Fall Back for Daylight Savings! It is very important to do make sure this for your Time Clock settings! Take a few minutes to check your Time Settings in Jackrabbit before the time officially changes in the wee morning hours of Sunday November 6! There are only TWO quick and easy […]

Join The Jackrabbit Facebook Users Group

Join the Jackrabbit Facebook users group.

We are big fans of Facebook at Jackrabbit. We love being able to connect with our customers through our Fan Page. In early 2015, we started a Facebook group for Jackrabbit users. The goal of this group was to create a place for our customers to talk with other users all around the world. To […]

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