Take Care of Your Ballerina Hair

Girl dancers standing with one leg on a beam.

To keep your ballerina “look” you must take care of your hair! Pulling your hair into a ballerina bun every day (or many times a week) puts a lot of stress and tension on not only your hair but your scalp too. How do you take care of you hair – and even maybe pamper […]

Parent Portal Now Shows Emails and Registrations

Jackrabbit Tips & Tricks

You should hear no more complaints from parents about not seeing emails! They can now see the information for themselves in the Parent Portal. Parents can log into the Parent Portal to see a list of the emails, online registrations and texts that have been sent to them – and view the content with just a […]

Jackrabbit Training Opportunities – 2016

Jackrabbit Tips & Tricks

“The Jackrabbit staff was very helpful and friendly. There is a huge benefit to learning in person and I can’t wait to come back with more questions.” -Gerry Newton, British Academy of Performing Arts Do you have questions about a specific feature in Jackrabbit? Want to learn skills to use the software more? Want to […]

Jackrabbit’s 2016 Enhancement Roadmap

Jackrabbit Tips & Tricks

Wondering what’s brewing in the code at Jackrabbit? Our Development team has some exciting things coming down the pipeline this year. We’re excited to roll out these enhancements and new features that we’ve gotten so many great ideas about from our customers. So, thank you for your input and your patience while we work! Preview: Time […]

Staff Portal Sneak Peek

Jackrabbit Tips & Tricks

The Staff Portal is a new enhancement coming right around the corner and we can’t wait to show you what it’s all about! This enhancement is now in beta which means a handful of users are testing everything out before it is officially released. In the meantime, we want to give you a sneak peek and give […]

New Setting Added to Absence Tracking

Jackrabbit Tips & Tricks

For clients tracking absences, there is new setting to help make entering absences easier. The new setting is located under the Tools menu, Edit Settings option, then Org Defaults in the left navigation. The setting is called “Eligible for Makeup when Absent” and has the following options: Select with Each Absence: The Eligible checkbox is […]

Studio-Guru: Making Your Studio Awesome

In the News

Running a studio is a people business – Happy people and unfortunately sometimes cranky people.  And, there’s not a studio out there that hasn’t encountered it in some form or another.  What’s the stat?  Something like you can only make 80 % of people happy the other 20% will never like you.  Humbling.   The […]

Hear It Fom A User: Process Payments Through Jackrabbit

In the News

Courtney Spencer and Gina Smith are office managers at Miller Street Dance Academy. This dance studio has two locations and a couple thousand dancers enrolled. Making the switch to Jackrabbit’s software three years ago has been one of the best decisions they’ve made. Processing payments has been one of the biggest time savers. Hear the […]

More Evidence That Children Need the Outdoors

Smiling child dancing in the rain.

Seems that I’m seeing more and more evidence that children who spend more time inside in front of any type of screen have issues whether they be weight and fitness, sleep, allergy, social skills, attention span (I could go on and on)… and now eye sight issues. It’s quite obvious to me that getting outside […]

6 Tips for Relaxing In the Midst of Studio Chaos

Relaxed dance instructor taking time for herself.

You know that taking time to relax is a necessary part of taking care of yourself. But you don’t know how to find time to do it. You have classes, rehearsals, competitions, recitals and all of the stress that they bring. You probably don’t have more than a couple of minutes to spare between activities […]

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