Jackrabbit Helps Krupinski Academy of Dance Focus on Family

Krupinski Acadamy of Dance Case Study

When you first meet the staff at Krupinski Academy of Dance, you get a sense of family. After all, practically everyone on staff is related. Husband, wife, daughter, niece, aunt – even the in-laws are part of the amazing team that runs the Krupinski operation! But when you get to know them, you get a […]

Top 20 Inspirational Dance Quotes

Gregory Hines Quite, I am going to tap until I cannot. I will be so old, all I can do is walk out from the wings to stage center. But I will be there.

Everyone hits rough patches from time to time. Hearing inspirational words can be a moving and effective way to get refocused and re-motivated. In other cases, the words of iconic and legendary dancers and choreographers can broaden our horizons, spark our creativity, or just remind us that everyone has their struggles. Here are some quotes […]

Jackrabbit Helps No Limits Dance Company Push Technology Out to Those Who Need It

Dance instructor using the Jackrabbit studio management software.

No Limits Dance Company started small and found that Excel worked just fine – until student count reached 15. In addition to her dance studio, Amanda Carter’s business has a gym component, so she obviously had a couple of powerful components driving her need for greater efficiency through using computer software. Automated billing was Amanda’s […]

After the Competitions: How to Store Your Dance Costumes for the Summer

Dance costumes in storage.

Well-maintained dance costumes help you and your parents get the most from your investments. They can be handed down to younger siblings or re-purposed for the next season. And at the very least, a particularly special dance costume can be kept as a memento of hard work and achievement that can inspire young dancers.

Update Skills on the Studio Floor with the New Class Skills Worksheet

Class skills worksheet software enhancement. Flexible skill tracking with Jackrabbit Dance

Class Skills Worksheet Now Available – Release Date: February 19, 2019 While the Staff Portal has great functionality for dance studio instructors, it is too risky to have a mobile device or tablet on the floor. If you track skills/levels within Jackrabbit, the Class Skills Worksheet can be a valuable resource no matter where your […]

Fundraising Ideas for the New Dance Studio Owner

Two young dance students are dancing together in a dance marathon.

Every small business has its financial challenges. It’s easy to feel like you’re always behind the eight ball to keep up with extra costs that you incur. Fortunately, dance studios aren’t just businesses – they also have emotional connections within their communities. These emotional connections provide opportunities for dance studio fundraising that may not be […]

How to Choose a Dance Costume Company

Costumed dancers are laughing together after their dance recital.

Dance costume plays such a significant role in how your students are received, both by their audience and the judges. You have 100% control of choreography. You and your dance studio staff put in unlimited effort to prepare the students. Still, it’s a bit nerve-wracking that dancewear is one area where you have to trust […]

The Dance Studio Pro Alternative: Get Your Classes on Pointe with Jackrabbit

Dance Studio Pro alternatives on a laptop.

You might have heard about another dance studio management solution called Dance Studio Pro. Using a software solution to manage your dance studio is absolutely the right move to save you money and help you grow your business. However, for that to happen, you need to use the solution that gives you the maximum value […]

Another Reason You’ll Be Excited for Christmas Day

12 Days of Jackrabbit Christmas. The most popular features of 2018 revealed.

After all the gifts have been opened, Jackrabbit will just be kicking off the Christmas fun on December 25th… The 12 days of Christmas are almost here and the team at Jackrabbit is determined to keep the reasons to celebrate coming! Each day through the 12 Days of Christmas, we’ll be giving you  expert tips, […]

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