What Is A Foot Stretcher and Why Do Ballerinas Use Them?

Ballerina stretching using a foot stretcher before exercising.

Part of the grace and beauty of ballet is that the performance hides all the blood, sweat, and tears that went into creating that performance. While ballerina foot care is essential, ballet is as competitive as any sport. Dancers who would be ballerinas will look for any advantage they can find. Dancers with flat feet […]

Use Software for What You Have to Do So You Can Do What You Want to Do

Miller Street Dance Academy students are listening to their dance instructor.

Jackrabbit Handles the Business so Studio Owners and Staff Can Focus on Students The Jackrabbit marketing team visited Miller Street Dance Academy’s Baxter location to see how Jackrabbit Dance helps location manager, Shae Tuttle, and her staff do business. It only took a few minutes to learn that Miller Street depends on Jackrabbit Online Dance […]

4 Features Every Dance Studio Software Should Include

Two dance instructors are doing organization and inventory of the studio dance costumes.

Every dance studio owner can reduce costs and increase revenue when using well-designed dance studio management software. If you’re unsure whether your business will see a return on expenditures that justifies the cost of your monthly subscription, check out this detailed discussion of the hidden costs of not using software designed specifically for dance studio […]

Getting Dancers to Put Their Hearts Into It

A girl making a heart with her hands in front of a crowd.

Do you ever feel like your dancers may not be giving it their all? That they’re just not putting their hearts into it? Or maybe going through the motions just fine, but they are missing the energy which makes their performance special? How do you get them to step it up and to dance “full out” […]

Why Should You Be Using the Store (Point of Sale) Feature in Jackrabbit?

Miller Street Dance Academy is managing its merchandise and apparel using the Point of Sale feature in Jackrabbit Dance.

Here is what the office managers at the two Miller Street Dance Academy locations say about it: “We are able to manage all of our inventory- keep track of quantity and sales, The list of tabs that Jackrabbit provides within the store is so useful.  We can add descriptions to all of our products, keep […]

Bullying in the Dance World: Dealing With Mean Girls

In the News

Sheri from Reflections in Sequins and Satin has shared with us a great article about bullying. This is such a huge problem in our society we are excited to share it with you. A group of girls go out after practice and don’t invite you. When you score a top award for your solo, you […]

Lessons Learned from Dance Competitions

Lessons Learned from Dance Competitions httpswww.jackrabbitdance.combloglessons-learned-from-dance-competitions

Now that this year’s dance competition season has ended, you may well need a few months away from thinking about competitions to recharge your batteries ­– especially if the season was particularly hectic. You might even start wondering whether competing is worth all the time and effort. But in your heart, you know it’s totally […]

Foot Care for Dancers

Foot care tips for dancers. A dancers without shoes is rubbing his or her bruised feet.

To call human feet complex is an understatement. After all, of the 208 bones in the human body, 52 of those bones are in the feet. Besides their structure, feet are quite complex when you consider their purpose: support, balance, and propulsion. This is all the more true for a dancer, thus making proper foot […]

12 Traits the Elite Dancer Exhibits

Costumed teen dancers are practicing their routine.

Elite dancers rise above others with the quality of their skills and gracefulness on the floor. There are also some traits that establish dancers as elite by exhibiting their manners and consideration for their fellow students and their instructors. These elite dancers have “class.” They are well on the road to embodying lifelong character building […]

12 Good Habits for Your Dancers to Develop

Dance students rehearsing dance moves.

Becoming a dancer means something special. Dancing isn’t a sport, but more of an art form that commands the respect and commitment of those who embody it. Dancers, in turn, earn a unique respect and admiration for their ability to exhibit the grace and skill that it takes to dance. There are good habits that […]

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