20 Etiquette Basics for Young Dancers

Etiquette basics for young dancers. 4 young female dancers smiling together in a studio.

My lifelong relationship with dance helped me to develop a constant interest in the industry – especially in teaching children to dance. From a young age, I took dance, helped to teach classes of younger children as I grew up, studied with some amazing people and now have the privilege of working with technology that […]

Promoting Healthy Body Image in the Studio

An arrow with love your body written on it. The arrow is point at a happy woman hugging herself.

A dancer’s positive body image isn’t merely thinking they look good in this season’s costumes. It goes much deeper than that. In fact, their body image impacts almost everything a dancer does in the art and outside of it. Something that important must be defined. So what exactly is body image? How you see or […]

Last Minute Ideas for Shining During National Dance Week – April 20-28

Dance instructors are working together to inspire their dance students for National Dance Week.

How are your event preparations for National Dance Celebration Week going? Got a big dance recital planned? Wait – you don’t have any events set up yet? No worries. Even though the week is coming up fast (starts Friday, April 20, 2018), you still have time to make sure your studio and students can take […]

Dancers and Growth Spurts: Can You Help Them Through Them?

A dance student is measuring her growth.

Did you know that dancers often get injuries during growth spurts? There is a shift in a dancer’s flexibility during growth spurts yet training continues as if this hasn’t happened. And the continued, unaltered training can cause overuse that results in injuries such as tendinitis. During growth spurts, a dancer experiences bone growth that outpaces […]

What is Being Sore and What Can You Do About It?

A dancer standing on tip of her right toes.

You are constantly using – and probably often overworking – your body. Almost every class or rehearsal has you using it in a new way or pushing yourself especially hard when moves focus on one particular body area: pliés, for example. After one of these sessions, you may say “I’m sore!” The Meaning of “Sore” […]

Snacking Options that Deliver Nutrition When Dancers Need It

Homemade balls of healthy snacks

Dancing uses up lots of energy and burns lots of calories. There are certain foods that give your dancers’ bodies what they need at specific times. These foods help them perform at high levels throughout and recover from intense class or rehearsal. It is a great idea to give your students’ parents suggestions on snacks […]

Strange Sounds Dancers’ Bodies Make

Dancers stretching before a session.

You may think your body sounds like a box of cereal. But don’t worry. You’re not alone and – in most cases – the strange sounds your body makes are nothing serious. But pay attention to your body and learn what is normal for you. That way you can identify an unusual sound that could […]

Top Fundraising Ideas for Dance Studios

In the News

Traditional fundraisers aren’t what the used to be. In order to give your dancers the best experience for the upcoming year, however, you need to raise money for costumes, travel and the like. The truth is, you (and your students and their parents, for that matter) would rather not resort to selling candy or other […]

How Play and Structure Work Together in Teaching Dance to Tots

Dance instructor doing small group work with 3 students.

Play makes learning more fun especially for your youngest learners. Movement is usually a huge component of play. Children move naturally to do almost everything from achieving mobility to expressing thoughts and feelings. Movement driven by curiosity and necessity soon quite naturally becomes play. It makes sense that these movements also become the basis for […]

Funny Quotes and Questions from Dance Parents

Dance studio owner laughing after hearing questions from parents

We all have our moments – I mean, who hasn’t looked for their sunglasses for 15 minutes and realized they’re on their head? It’s what we do. When you work with people on a daily basis, you hear some crazy things. Before you read any farther, we want you to know that we aren’t making […]

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