Setting Boundaries Helps When Managing Parents

Dance instructor meeting with parents.

The positive energy in your studio is an amazing asset and can help your employees perform better, your students learn better and your studio parents show you more support. This delicate balance can quickly be thrown off by parental negativity. They say one bad apply can spoil the whole bunch. And they’re right in this […]

Are Foot Stretchers Safe?

We found two Dance industry experts who have expressed thoughts on this topic. We’re happy to share the info with you. Please use the links (provided within the post) and read the original information from both. Susan Farrell Ballet Dancer Amy Brandt regularly answers questions in her column “Ask Amy” in Pointe Magazine. Recently she […]

How To Choreograph a Dance Solo

Jackrabbit Tips & Tricks

Dance solos are challenging to choreograph, remember, and perform. Being the only one on stage is a much different feeling than being with several other people. Here are some things to think about when you’re choreographing a solo for yourself or a student. 1. Plan – Before starting choreographing, learn as much about the song and […]

How Dance Studios Can Use Skills Feature

A dance teacher is tracking student progress using the skills feature.

Have you heard about Jackrabbit’s feature in the Staff Portal – Skill Tracking? If you haven’t, check out our blog here for directions on how to use it. If you’re wondering how you can use this for your dance studio, keep reading. This feature was built for you to keep up with your students even […]

Time-Savings Synonymous With Online Registration

Turning Pointe Academy of Dance Has the Stats to Prove Their Time-Savings One of the main reasons for automating anything is time-savings. Whether it’s through software, machinery or appliances, we love putting automation in place to give us time back for things we love to do or need to do. It was exactly this concept […]

Weekly Calendar Now Shows Accurate Enrollment Counts in the Future

Continuous Jackrabbit software enhancements!

Your weekly calendar has been made smarter! With this enhancement, the weekly calendar now shows accurate class enrollment counts on future dates and includes future drops and future enrolls. The calendar will display the correct class openings information on any future date you click on. As a bonus, you have the option to hide full […]

From Challenges to Smiles: Jackrabbit’s 7 Bicycles Go the Distance to Help Kids

Trips for Kids bicycle donation event.

Jackrabbit Technologies’ annual employee retreat took on a new meaning this year and all it took was a team challenge event. It just so happened that the retreat organizers on Jackrabbit’s staff, came up with an idea for a team building event called the Trike 500. While this wasn’t entirely accurate since the “cycle” involved […]

Advanced Search Pages Renamed and Students Search Made Easier to Use

Continuous Jackrabbit software enhancements!

The Students Advanced Search page helps you find lots of important information, and having it all in one place can be a good thing. However, making it better over the years by adding more options, fields, and criteria has also given the page a little clutter issue. We simplified the layout and did a little […]

Why Your Data is Safe in Jackrabbit

Trust Jackrabbit management software to keep your information safe with its extensive online security.

You have lots of data in Jackrabbit. Some of this data belongs to you. (i.e., your user permissions, your account information – which probably includes the account used to pay Jackrabbit, your classes, your tuition amounts, revenues, student totals…) Some of this data belongs to your organization’s parents. (i.e., their contact information, the account used […]

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