How to streamline staff scheduling with Jackrabbit Dance

Who wouldn’t want to make staff scheduling easier at their dance studio? That would be a dream. But do you know how to streamline staff scheduling at your dance studio? Not exactly? No worries! To make staff scheduling more successful and less stressful, this article highlights how using dance studio scheduling software will help you […]

Popular Dance Studio Events That Generate Additional Revenue


Revenue at your dance studio can go through ebbs and flows depending on the time of year. During Spring, you may see increased student enrollment due to upcoming summer camps. As you near the end of Summer, you may see a dip in the number of students enrolling due to other commitments that come with […]

How to Increase Dance Recital Revenue

how to increase recital revenue

Dance recitals are arguably the most important time of year at your dance studio. It’s your Super Bowl.  Students are anxious to show off the routines they’ve been working on all year. Parents are excited to see their student’s progress on the stage, and many are making the decision whether they will register for the […]

Everything you Need to Know about Dance Studio Financial Reporting (Owner Roadmap)


When it comes to running a dance studio, you know all about technique, choreography, dealing with parents and everything in between. But what happens if you don’t know everything about the financial side of your studio? No problem. That’s where we come in.  Keeping tabs on the financial health of your dance studio is essential. […]

4 reasons why it’s time to switch dance studio software

Should your studio change software?

Figuring out the dance studio software that’s right for your studio isn’t as hard as you think.  Figuring out your current platform isn’t the best solution for your studio can be even more obvious”. If you can identify with any of the following points, it’s probably time to switch your dance studio’s software.  4 reasons […]

What’s the secret to hiring dance teachers?


When it comes to hiring dance teachers, you know what you’re looking for. You either need a staffer to handle administrative tasks at your studio, an energetic teacher who is going to help inspire students and improve their technique, or anything in between. You know the qualities that make a dance teacher appealing. But do […]

A Parent’s Guide To Your First Dance Competition


What’s one thing most dancers have in common before stepping onto the stage for their first dance competition? They all need that ‘special someone’ to help calm their nerves.  Dance competition season is here. Whether you’re a parent, friend or supportive teacher, you’ve watched your dancer practice and prepare for this very moment. You know […]

How to recover revenue at your dance studio


In an ideal world, customers at your dance studio always pay tuition fees on time, credit card information never expires, invoices never go missing, and discounting calculations aren’t confusing.  When those experiences take a turn for the worst, dance studio owners are left in the lurch to collect accounts receivable, manually update data, balance late […]

5 Ways Studio Software Will Help Grow Your Business


Owning or managing a dance studio is without a doubt an extremely rewarding but hectic venture. If you ask any studio owner what they love most about their job, chances are they prefer things like choreography and strategizing business growth way more than manually tracking attendance, billing customers or filing registration paperwork. Utilizing a fully […]

Which tuition model is right for my dance studio?


Every dance studio is different! In fact, we’ve found that one of the ways studios differ the most is in the ways they choose to bill for the classes they provide to students.  Whether the differences are small, such as across-the-board discounts, or pretty major, such as by hours instead of by classes-tuition structure for […]

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