Why your dance studio should automate tuition payments


What’s one thing most dance studios have in common? If your answer had anything to do with tuition or the cost of taking dance class, you’re on the right track.  Dance studio tuition payments are commonplace for nearly all dance programs. But not all dance studios collect tuition payments the same way. Cash, credit, ACH […]

Dance Studio Social Media: What to Share

Your Dance Studio social media toolkit

We all know what an Instagram profile and a Facebook newsfeed is. Terms that would have been met with questions years ago are now part of daily routines, with many people spending hours each day scrolling through their various social media. As a dance studio owner, you can turn those ‘likes’ into website clicks, student […]

What Contributes to Good Customer Service for a Dance Studio?

Customer Service at the Studio

Most dance studio owners will agree that working with their customers is one of the biggest challenges in running their business. While it isn’t to say that the administrators of the studio don’t love and appreciate the parents of their tiny dancers, it’s also easy to understand how their concerns, comments and complaints could become […]

How to Get Your Parents Using the Jackrabbit Dance Portal

Jackrabbit Dance Parent Portal

What’s one way you can ensure that your customers stay engaged with your dance studio? Make it easy. That’s why the Jackrabbit team makes every effort to help your studio connect with customers through a single location – the Jackrabbit Dance Parent Portal. With a new season of dance underway, it’s important to set a […]

Creative ways to celebrate a dancer’s first day of class

Celebrating a Dancer's First Day of Class

It may not be the most wonderful time of the year in Kris Kringle’s book, but it sure is for dance studio owners, teachers and students! A new dance season is on the horizon and we’re here to help you celebrate the new students you acquired over the summer with three creative ways to celebrate […]

What are the benefits of a dance studio mobile app?

Benefits of a Dance Studio mobile App for owners and customers

Whether you’ve been in business for decades or you just opened your first dance studio, there’s one thing all studio owners have in common: the drive to discover tools that will help grow their business. It’s no secret that the right dance studio software helps contribute to the long-term growth and success of a dance […]

Get to know Jackrabbit’s latest enhancement: automated tuition posting

jackrabbit dance Benefits of automated tuition posting

You may have noticed that we’ve been talking a lot about automation recently. We have a reason for it – a good one!  Jackrabbit’s Product Team has been hard at work developing ways to give dance studios the ability to do more in less time with new automation tools. Ready to know more?  Jackrabbit Dance […]

Should my dance studio use automated tuition billing?

Tuition Tip: The benefits of autmation.

Any successful dance studio owners will tell you the biggest benefit to automated tuition billing is time savings. Who doesn’t want more time, right? But is time savings alone going to make you change your entire billing, payments and tuition processing strategy? It could or it couldn’t.  That’s what this article is all about- sharing […]

How to keep dancers engaged during the summer

Student Engagement during the summer

Summer is just around the corner. And depending on where your studio is located, you may already be feeling the summer heat. While summer is typically a joyous time for students and families to enjoy less rigorous schedules and take much-needed vacations, dance studio owners are busy planning for fall registration and thinking of ways […]

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