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Can You Afford Class Management Software?

Software. Is it worth the monthly cost? This is a question we hear often and hope to give you a few things to consider before you throw the idea out the window.

How are you running your business now?

  1. How do you store information about students and families?
  2. How do you create class schedules?
  3. How do you communicate with parents and staff?
  4. How do you get paid?
  5. How do you track skill progression?

These are just 5 questions to think about. I could give you 100, but you would be here all day.

What if all these processes could be streamlined? Meaning that they take less time to complete and are more organized than what you have right now. For example, pulling up a student’s file takes about two seconds and only requires one click of the mouse. If you have your information stored in a file cabinet, the time it takes to pull up that file will be much longer.  [PS if you can do this under two seconds, please send us a video. We’d love to see someone move that fast.]

Priceless. That’s an adjective we hear our customers using to describe our software a lot. Using Jackrabbit has been a game changer for the way they run their business. Their life has freed up and they can focus on what they love.

Using online registration, the first year we had twice as many enrollments in half the time – Kelly Gaines

In an attempt to show you what priceless may look like for your business, we picked 5 of the biggest benefits you’ll immediately see after implementing the software.


The Value Judgment

Five simple value points make it obvious that class management software is something that every organization – regardless of size – can benefit from.

Jackrabbit has clients with less than 50 customers who see their return on investment come quickly as quickly as those with 2500+ students simply because owners are freed up to follow their passion instead of manage paper rolls and spreadsheets.

There are other intangible yet clear benefits:

Peace of mind. We’ve not identified what losing a night’s sleep costs you, but we know that you can’t put a dollar value on knowing that the system that keeps your business operational will be working today, tomorrow, next week and next year. Jackrabbit’s goal is to help your head hit your pillow peacefully each night.

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty. We’ve alluded to this and attached what is most likely a grossly underestimated figure to this. But identifying such a metric is quite unique to each organization. It is tremendously important because it underpins your reputation and integrity.  It touches on everything from convenience to professionalism to accessibility and is the secret sauce that keeps your customers coming back and attracts new ones to your doorstep.

Performance and Results. Again, these details are unique to each organization because your “improvement” is directly tied to your starting point. If you move from a paper system to an electronic, online one, your contrast should be stark. If you’ve already implemented some electronics processes, you will notice improvements for sure, but the contrast you experience may be less shocking.

So when asked the question “Can You Afford Class Management Software?” it’s obvious that what you really can’t afford is NOT having it.

Proof in the Pudding

Our clients are our champions! They state the benefits of using Jackrabbit much more succinctly than we can.

“Jackrabbit saved us from an inefficient software system and has provided us with control over our processes and insight into our information. The value it delivers makes the cost of our previous software seem unjustified! I have become quickly immersed in the value the system provides to us.” Keith Pinkston, New Orleans Dance Academy

“My multi-location, data intensive business is now simple to expand and manage because of Jackrabbit’s centralized, web-based system. Jackrabbit has helped us get to that next level of being much more efficient and it helps us to give our families the best possible service. By helping us eliminate paper and quickly access complete student information, we’ve become a much more professional organization.” Adam Barret, Temecula Dance

Jackrabbit Dance software and the e-commerce feature has saved me so much time and money! I am so happy with the choice I made to go with Jackrabbit and their amazing e-commerce feature when I opened the studio. I am able to save money on office staff and avoid the lines at that bank to do deposits with their easy to use e-commerce feature. At the click of a button I can run the tuition in less than 15 minutes! My business has grown from 60 students to 450 in just 3 years and it is still as easy and affordable as the first time I ran tuition! Thank you Jackrabbit for helping me run my business efficiently!”   Emily Finch, DANCE 101


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