Competitive Edge and Dance Studio Success

It’s pretty easy to give your studio a powerful competitive edge.

I know that sounds pretty simplistic and you don’t believe it. But read on before passing judgment.

Parents want to do business with you just as they do with banking, ordering dinner and holiday shopping – online. Offering those options IS your ticket to winning parents over. You become THE best choice of all of the activities options they have for their kids.  So (to borrow a phrase from a famous sports brand) just do it.

Just don’t do it alone.

Your business management software should be giving you everything you need to win the hearts of parents. If not, click here. Much of the online offering centers around registering online. That is awesome – and it works to the advantage of both the studio and the parent.  But that isn’t all you should be offering. Parents want to be able to manage their account (payment/contact info, etc) online when they have the time – not when they can get the front desk on the phone.

What do parents want that online features can offer?

  • Parents want to be able to serve themselves: perhaps seeing class options ahead of open registration in their parent portal.
  • Parents want to be able to answer their own questions: why is my bill more this month than last? Oh – I see. I forgot about the costume order that went in 2 weeks ago.
  • Parents want to hop on their laptops in the pjs – after the kids are tucked in bed – and study schedules and class options when it’s quiet: Not when they are standing in a line of hurried parents in your front office.

Make your operations “all about them” and they will certainly be “all about you” when their friends ask where their kids should take dance!

Read about studios who’ve gained competitive edge by being online and become a believer: Steps N MotionSynergy Dance Academy

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