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Jackrabbit’s class management software allows studio owners to stretch their limits. 

Owning and managing a studio can be challenging enough but what if you have that entrepreneurial fire in your belly to stretch your limits and start a second business?

Don’t roll your eyes and say “No way!” We have proof that it’s doable – and actually enjoyable.

There is more than one way to skin a cat and the 2-business challenge is no different.

  1. You could hire others to operate your studio and focus your attention on the new business.
  2. You can put tools in place to make your operational processes practically run themselves and free your brain power up for strategy and hands-on creation.

Losing control is the problem.

Choosing #1 means you’re choosing to lose control of the studio. If you are truly an entrepreneur, this won’t work for you because you’re most likely also a control freak. Very hands on. You’re more of an absentee owner and you miss the passion around your original business and you probably won’t be satisfied with that since your passion for that business feeds you.

So let’s just skip that option and move on to #2. This one is entirely possible – even without working 24/7 and driving yourself insane – because of technology.

Automation is an amazing thing.

Technology allows us to put some of our most critical and mind-numbing processes on auto-pilot. Database tools like dashboards and reports put critical performance indicators a click away so understanding what is going on and making decisions accordingly becomes quick, easy and more insightful than ever before.

You don’t put the studio on the back burner to start your new business up. You actually improve the way your studio operates so you have time on your hands for the strategy and creation mentioned earlier.

It almost sounds too good to be true. Luckily, we have some successes that perfectly illustrate what we’re talking about.

Making her idea a reality.

Stacy Tuschl has owned and operated The Academy of Performing Arts for quite a few years. She continuously looks for new ways to streamline her studio operations and has found that in doing this she increases her customer satisfaction. Over the course of her studio’s life, she’s watched all of her efforts produce consistent growth.

Many studio owners she knew started asking “How did you do it?” And that’s when the idea for Stacy Tuschl Consulting was born.

Because Stacy runs her studio on Jackrabbit. With it operationally humming along, she could reach beyond the studio and put some real energy into consulting to help other studio owners be successful.

“We can take advantage of so many efficiencies and automated processes in Jackrabbit. It allows us to put some of our processes on auto-pilot. And that allows me to go off and do other things that I am passionate about.”

Read more about how Stacy manages 2 businesses at once.

Living the dream.

Morgan and Kat Roberts opened Musical Arts Academy of Music & Dance several years ago. They and the studio have thrived because early on they made Jackrabbit their operational backbone. A lightbulb went on for Morgan and Kat, realizing that they have some very valuable ideas and experiences that they could share with other studio owners but would need to do it in the form of a consulting business separate from the studio. Enter Studio Guru Consulting.

Morgan and Kat remain quite hands on in operating their studio and have grown Studio Guru Consulting into a burgeoning business. And then they relocated – practically across the country – to a place where they’d dreamed that one day they would live.

Don’t even think that you’re going to be able to say “I told you so.” This was not a devastating blow to the studio or the consulting business. Jackrabbit is an online solution so everything that Morgan and Kat do to run the studio can be done from wherever they are, so living in Colorado, when their studio is in New Hampshire is irrelevant. Their staff does a splendid job with day-to-day tasks. Morgan and Kat can keep their hands-on management of money, enroll and marketing moving along flawlessly. As they travel about the country to consult with studio owners, they just log into Jackrabbit when managing and monitoring the studio requires it.

“The idea isn’t to extract ourselves from one business and insert ourselves into another. It’s to grow both. Jackrabbit has been the catalyst for us. It helps us leverage technology to make the studio easy to run so we can put some real brain power into our new business. Jackrabbit makes it pretty easy to be an owner and an entrepreneur!”

Read more about how Morgan and Kat manage 2 businesses at once.

These two illustrations are all of the proof you need.  There’s no need to squelch your fire-in-the-belly entrepreneurialism.  Especially if you’re running your studio using Jackrabbit.

Whether you own a dance studio, cheer or gymnastics gym; art, swim or music school; or learning or child care facility, Jackrabbit’s automation and efficiencies work. You can manage your business more effectively with less effort so your inner entrepreneur can thrive.

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