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Hosting online dance classes when your studio is closed due to weather

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. You know, that time when Mother Nature randomly throws a snow storm in your direction that forces you to close for inclement weather. 

Sometimes snow and ice clear quickly. Other times, classes at your studio could be snowed out for several days. If 2020 has primed us for anything it’s how to communicate quickly with students and staff, and how to host online classes when your studio is closed. 

So let’s get down to the steps you need to take for hosting online dance classes when your studio is closed due to weather. 

Tips for hosting online dance classes

Have a backup plan

It’s cliche but can’t go without stating. Have a backup plan for classes and events happening at your studio this holiday season. Then have a backup plan for that backup plan.

If your community has to cancel its Christmas parade due to snow, don’t throw in the towel. A great backup plan would be to set up shop in your parking lot. Have dancers perform the parade routine and encourage the community to drive by at a later date and time when roads are safer to travel. We’ll call this a reverse parade! 

If you’re hosting the Nutcracker in person, a great ace to hold in your back pocket is a digital recording you can share with attendees just in case the weather gets wonky. You don’t have to be Steven Spielberg to pull this off. I mean, Lady Gaga filmed a whole music video on an iPhone! 

During dress rehearsal, shoot some footage of each section then piece it together in a video that can be shared in the event that you can’t host your performance due to weather. Consider sharing behind the scenes as added content for viewers. Everyone wants to know what goes on backstage anyhow! 

Obviously, it goes without stating that you should have a backup plan for classes at your studio for when it snows, not just events. If a dance class can be held in a living room or playroom, have a digital curriculum ready.

Use technology to your advantage

Parent’s everywhere know how to use virtual learning tools better than ever. Use that to your advantage by partnering with a dance studio software that helps you teach dance classes via Zoom. 

If your studio transitioned to an online model during the first wave of shutdowns, you’re going to be a pro at pivoting when a snow storm comes your way. 

If hosting online dance classes is new for your studio, we’ve got tips from industry experts to help get your started teaching virtual dance classes

Communicate with students and staff

Remember when I said use technology to your advantage when your studio has to close for snow. That statement couldn’t be more true when you have to communicate an inclement weather closure with students and staff. 

At a time when parents are juggling more information than ever, it’s imperative to send closing and alternative class information quickly and concisely. 

A great option would be to notify your entire studio by sending an email to all families and posting on your social media accounts that you will be closed due to weather. Following that, consider adding a notification to your Parent Portal login so families can see if their student’s class will be hosted online or if they need to schedule a makeup class. 

Need help with Jackrabbit’s communication tools? Check out our Holiday Resource Center for expert guidance on how to use the entire application to your advantage this holiday season. [——> Jackrabbit Holiday Resource Center]

Offer added value

Just because your studio is closed for weather doesn’t mean your virtual class has to be boring. Think about alternative resources you can share with classes that are able to safely meet online when your studio is closed for weather. 

This could be coloring pages for your pre-school classes that they can complete and bring into the studio for show and share after the snow melts. Or how about encouraging your older students to watch the entire musical they are learning iconic choreography from? The options are endless!

How can Jackrabbit Dance help you host virtual dance classes when your studio is closed due to weather? Connect with a Product Coach by starting a 30-day free trial to see how Jackrabbit Dance can be an asset to your studio this holiday season.

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