Why your studio should use the Jackrabbit Dance Integation Partner Network

Running a dance studio can be hard. The studio software you use to run your business shouldn’t be. That’s why we believe that all dance studio owners should be aware that some applications come with an extensive integration partner program to help make running their studio even easier.

What is an integration partner?

An integration partner is when two software companies connect their products so that customers can have a smoother, more seamless experience while using the two applications. This relationship creates a better user experience because clients are able to move data from one application to another more easily.

Why integration partners are important to Jackrabbit Dance

Through the use of integration partnerships, companies can solve user problems without having to build new solutions or product features, which saves time and money. What does that mean exactly?

Here’s a simple example. With dance studio software, you can track instructor time for payroll purposes. In a payroll platform, you can set up direct deposits to pay your staff for the time they’ve worked, as logged-in studio software. When the two applications are integrated, the time your staff worked is directly passed from your studio software to the payroll platform for weekly or monthly payroll to be executed. This clean pass-off of data not only happens behind the scenes in a matter of minutes, but it also reduces the chances of human error.

Bottom line: the Jackrabbit Dance integration partner network is coveted by the staff at Jackrabbit because it helps make operating a dance studio easier. We believe extending our relationships with integration and industry partners sets our clients up for success. Whether it is something used daily or something used on occasion, the option is available and the benefits are priceless!

Who is in the Jackrabbit Dance Integration Partner Network?

Jackrabbit’s integration partner list is always growing. We take pride in partnering with companies that share similar core values and look to help dance studios strive for success. A better experience for you will trickle down to your customers and help your business thrive.

C&H Financial and SaveSafe

Jackrabbit Dance not only makes it easy for studios to post and process tuition payments, we offer you two integration partners to choose from. The connection between Jackrabbit and both ePayment partners, C&H Financial and SafeSave, allows studios to collect money in one easy process.

Jackrabbit Plus Powered By Mobile Inventor

Jackrabbit’s integration with Mobile Inventor allows dance studios to communicate with customers and gives them the ability to do things like register for classes and make payments in the palm of their hand. When multiple parent-facing features can be utilized in a mobile app then immediately updated in your studio’s database, everyone wins.

Discover how you can bundle studio management software and a custom mobile in one studio management subscription. Learn more!

Express Payroll and QuickBooks

Payroll is likely your studio’s biggest expense. It shouldn’t however be costing your staff more time to complete.

Integrating Jackrabbit Dance with Express Payroll or QuickBooks lets studios pass approved hours worked to either payroll application. When paired with Jackrabbit’s Time Clock, a once manual process with a high potential for human error can be taken care of in a matter of minutes.

Spot TV

Having parents in the studio can distract their child and the other students in class. That still doesn’t change the fact that parents love watching their children learn. Secure, live streaming through the Jackrabbit Dance Parent Portal and mobile app takes your parent engagement to the next level by allowing them to watch their kid’s class whether they are in the parking lot or across the country.

LEAP! Learning

For dance studios, having a solid and consistent preschool curriculum is non-negotiable. You must ensure each student has access to the same learning experience regardless of who is teaching the class. The partnership between LEAP! Learning and Jackrabbit Dance gives studios the opportunity to access lesson plans directly from the Jackrabbit Staff Portal, which gives teachers easy access to the resources they need for every class.


Performance time has a lot of moving parts – costumes, dancers, volunteers, staff, venue, and ticketing to name a few. Jackrabbit Dance and TutuTix can’t help you choreograph each routine, but the two platforms can help your audience purchase tickets to the best show ever. With the click of a button, your recital information can be exported to create ticketing packages to sell out any performance.


Having the best instructors can set your dance studio apart from competitors in your area. If background screening is part of your recruiting and hiring process, the integration between Jackrabbit Dance and Yardstik lets you initiate a background check for any applicant with the click of a button and track the screen’s status within your database.


Texting (in some cases) is more effective than email. Anytime you need to get your message in the hands of your customers quickly, text messages are a great solution. Integrating with a text messaging partner, Twilio, gives dance studios the flexibility to time-sensitive information

Jackrabbit Dance does not charge additional fees to connect with our SMS partner. However, standard fees will apply with the partner you choose. The amount of time and money (think man-hours here) saved by integration more than makes up for the money spent.

Why your studio should use Jackrabbit Dance integration partners

Aside from saving your dance studio time and sanity, your studio would use the Jackrabbit Dance integration partner network for several reasons.

  • Jackrabbit Dance does not charge additional fees to connect with our partners.
  • Integration partners are constantly upgrading and refining their applications to ensure your studio has a great experience.
  • Jackrabbit Dance has an extensive selection and vetting process for integration partners, so you know you’re getting the best in the industry.

How to get started with Jackrabbit Dance and the integration partner network

Taking advantage of Jackrabbit’s integration partner network is easy, and in most cases, is available to you immediately upon becoming a Jackrabbit Dance client. Create your free Jackrabbit Dance account then work directly with a Product Coach to customize your application and connect to any integration partners your studio needs to be successful.

Create your Jackrabbit account now!

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