3 ways to profit from holiday recitals.

3 Big Ideas to Profit from Your Holiday Dance Recital

Is it OK to make money from ticket sales for your holiday shows? The answer is yes!

It’s your business and you need to profit from the holiday dance recitals you produce.

Online ticketing software is a sure way to make selling tickets easier for you and to provide a better ticket purchasing experience for your show guests. By implementing the three following strategies, you can start benefiting from additional recital revenue this holiday season and for months to come:

  • Sell more by bundling merchandise with tickets
  • Implement reserved seating so your seats become inventory
  • Bring in new students with advertising opportunities that ticket sales provide

3 Ways to Make Your Recitals More Profitable

Bundle merchandise with tickets for elevated online sales

Creating bundles of items that ticket buyers may spontaneously purchase with tickets is a great revenue booster for studios. A few perks of bundling items with tickets include:

  • Presell merchandise alongside tickets online (included DVDs, flowers, t-shirts)
  • Use preferred vendors
  • Increase sales of merchandise
  • More accurate order amounts

It’s a very straightforward way to capture emotional purchases online and give ticket buyers a 1-swipe credit card payment process for everything. For example, offering flowers to a very proud parent who is purchasing tickets can easily result in a big bouquet order for their young dancer. Or the sight of the ultra-cute t-shirts your studio offers with tickets inspires grandma to order one each for her 3 dancing grandchildren when she orders her show tickets. Make these purchases no-brainers to decide on and easy to buy!

Bundling enables ticket buyers to purchase early, purchase everything at once and even pay for gifts or memorable items with 1 credit card swipe. Ensure that purchasers can come back to your website to obtain more merchandise by keeping your website store current.  

This is made incredibly simple by using online ticketing software like TutuTix. In the TutuTix model, they collect the money and then returns it to the studio in an organized way. Ordering from and paying vendors is more accurate and simpler than ever before because:

  • You know exactly who ordered what
  • Order errors are practically eliminated

Use reserved seating to turn your seats into inventory that you manage

Just a thought: Provide a better experience for your ticket buyers!

Today’s parents (and even some grandparents) live their lives online. They want the convenience from you too. If you have enrollment and payment for your classes online, it shouldn’t be a stretch to think the convenience of online ticketing for your shows is one your studio should provide. 

You can take their experience to a higher level than standing in line at your front desk will ever be. And reserved seating gives them (and you) even more. 

Use reserved seating to gain a higher perceived value for the ticket buyers purchase. 

Offers like reserved seating and VIP or preferred tickets offered through online ticketing software makes your ticket buyers feel special and lets you:

  • Offer perks for loyal families 
  • Stay in control of the ticket selling process by knowing what has been sold and who purchased
  • Eliminate urgency of early arrival to secure seating
  • Get your money in-hand sooner
  • Hold purchases until outstanding accounts are paid off
    • Held accounts use a code to purchase tickets upon payment confirmation

Reserved seating is a revenue booster that the numbers below illustrate:

General Admission Reserved Seating
Average ticket price $10.80 $14.03
Gross average amount sold $1,750 $5,370

Reserved seating produces a 30% premium to studios!

Generate leads and increase your studio’s awareness

Online ticketing software is awesome for generating awareness and leads for your studio.

There are benefits and conveniences such as:

  • Use the customizable space on print-at-home tickets as advertising to bring in new students or more revenue (i.e., Discount or waive registration fee coupons, ads by local businesses)
  • Post ticketing link on website to invite the public to your shows .
    • Reach more potential ticket buyers by posting on Facebook (and other social media)
    • Use other more traditional advertising platforms such as posters displayed in the community and advertisements in local newspapers 
  • Give groups discounted/free tickets to your shows – like Girl Scouts – to propvide a great introduction to your studio.  

Choose the easiest way to sell and distribute tickets.

We love TutuTix online ticketing software! It IS the easiest way to sell and distribute tickets because it empowers you with features to set the 3 Big Ideas in motion.

There is value for both parties, the studio owners and ticket buyers.

To studio owners TutuTix is free! To ticket buyers, it delivers conveniences that are worth the small added fee!

Creating Your Seating

TutuTix creates an online seat selection page using the performance venue seating chart where ticket buyers can make their performance seat purchases using seatPOWER. 

You are provided with a proof that must be approved before the page goes live. 

Ticket type (comp, discount, adult, child, senior) is displayed at the bottom of the seat view page. 

TutuTix online ticketing software full of fantastic features. You can offer 3 types of seating (reserved, general admission or a mix of the two) as well as discount codes and comps for any groups or individuals you’d like. Promo codes enable studios to do a multitude of things with ticket purchases such as limiting dates or number of tickets per purchase.

Leveraging Ticket Purchasing

You can do some really cool things with TutuTix such as: 

  • Pop-up before purchase is complete that offers recommended merchandise
  • Door ticket kit to easily sell remaining tickets

Kits are sent out a week before performance and contain high-end pink and gold tickets, eliminating the need for printing from a PDF. 

There is no need to sort pre-marked tickets since TutuTix doesn’t put seat info on the door kit tickets. You can add the seat info according to your availability using the pink Sharpies that are also provided in the kit. 

You can continue to sell tickets online even if your door ticket kit is in transit.

  • Point of Purchase App

TutuTix’s Point of Purchase App gives you the platform for selling tickets, flowers, merchandise, concessions and more. Guests don’t have to struggle with coming up with cash at shows since all major credit cards are accepted at the door/venue. 

The app is convenient! It hooks directly to the studio’s TutuTix account and pays out weekly. No extra equipment is required because the app is on your iPhone. Reporting for the app is available with the other reports provided in your TutuTix software.

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