Make updating class tuition rates in your studio part of the routine.

Raise Your Rates without Causing Chaos

Real talk? Your studio is hashtag nailing it. Your facility, routines, costumes, and recitals are on pointe (see what I did there?). You are in it for all the right reasons and you’re setting out each day to make a difference in the lives of your dancers and their families.

Considering an incremental increase in class tuition may seem like a no-brainer when you plot it all out and do the math however when it comes to announcing the change to current families you may be feeling more anxious than normal.

Over the years we’ve talked to countless dance studio owners, directors, and administrators and heard how they made tuition increases a little easier on everyone. Check out their recommendations below.

No Surprises

Upping your rates will, of course, cause a family to consider their own budget. Doing it without notice or mid-season as a surprise might feel like a ‘gotcha.’ Communicate the changes with a personal letter or announcement at least 90 days before the changes affect any class tuition fees.

Consider Adding a Perk

Updating your families with the tuition rate increase should go hand in hand with announcing the exciting updates at your studio. When you add features like a branded mobile app, virtual viewing, skills progression reports, or updated equipment in your classrooms you should totally brag about them to your parents and remind them of all the extra benefits they’re getting with this small increase.

Make it part of the Routine

When your increases come with several years in between them, it may be a harder thing for families to cope with. Put a routine of raising rates at the exact same time each year or season and don’t skip or postpone. It’s helpful for you when planning next year’s budget and it’s a fair way to set expectations for your customers.

Are you thinking about a rate increase at your studio? Have you done one recently? Share your experiences – good and bad, in the comments!

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