How To Automate Your Dance Studio Through Management Apps

When you run a business you hear the words automate, delegate, and communicate a lot. While those words may sound like your golden ticket, sometimes it’s difficult to know where to begin or how to integrate those processes into your dance studio’s daily routine. There are two types of management applications that are essential when it comes to automation – project management and class management

Why is project management important?

Knowing the ins and outs of your dance studio comes with time. Sometimes you might not have the capacity to oversee every aspect of how projects are progressing at your studio – and you shouldn’t. That’s where a great team and a project management system comes in. 

The goal of choosing the right project management application should be to manage projects quicker and with less error to reach an end goal. Here are some of the positive impacts project management can have on your dance studio:

  • Outlining timelines and designating resources from the beginning
  • Task tracking
  • Time management
  • Internal collaboration
  • Sharing deliverables
  • Monitoring progress

What does project management look like at my dance studio?

There are lots of project management solutions available to dance studio owners. The perfect solution depends on how much time you want to invest, the number of staff using the application, and what projects you want to run through it. 

There are tons of ways you can use a project management application at your dance studio including:

  • Showcase, recital, or competition planning – tracking progress on program art, graphic design, when sponsorship ads need to be placed, travel arrangements, and more!
  • Planning upcoming class offerings
  • Summer camp theme planning
  • Holiday performance planning
  • Planning marketing and communication campaigns

If you use a project management application correctly, it can give you a macro overview in a micro amount of time. (Here are some of the best project management applications for small businesses ->)

What is the difference between class management and project management?

At the base level, class management is a solution for the big processes at your dance studio. The processes that keep your doors open, the teachers teaching, the students learning, the tuition you’re collecting, and so much more. Project management is the individual pieces that go into the big processes of an individual initiative or project you need to complete. Neither works successfully without the other. 

What does class management look like at my dance studio?

There are many ways to use a class management application at your dance studio. Many businesses use it to manage class registrations and track students, collect tuition payments, communicate with customers and staff, track employee time, and so much more. With the right class management application, the options are endless and customizable to the way your dance studio does business. 

By integrating a class management application into your business, you will not only make your life easier, but it will also increase customer satisfaction and retention.

To get the most out of your class management system, there are a few main things it needs to have:

  • Online registration and web integration capabilities
  • Communication tools (push notifications, email, etc.)
  • An easy and positive customer experience
  • Team management
  • Reporting features

Integration with streaming, accounting, and human security platforms are a major plus!

How do I start?

Research, research, research! Identify two or three front runners for both a project management and class management application. Compare these to your list of ‘needs and wants’. Schedule some product demonstrations, start a free trial, and find what works for you. 

At Jackrabbit, we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. We’re that confident that you’ll love it. Start a free trial today and get started on your automation journey!

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About the Author:

With experience as a competitive swimmer and coach, Haley is passionate about helping Jackrabbit clients get the most out of their class management software. As part of the Marketing Team, she spends her time connecting with clients and showing future clients how Jackrabbit can change their business for the better. Outside of work hours you can find Haley out on the boat, on the search for the best brunch food, or cheering on the South Carolina Gamecocks.

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