What is the best dance studio management software?

As the owner of a dance studio, you know the importance of decisions like where to locate your studio and what types of class offerings make your studio competitive. But do you know the importance of utilizing dance studio software

Whether you’re a new business in the industry or you’ve been managing your dance studio using excel and paper files for years, there’s one decision that couldn’t be more important – the decision to choose the best dance studio software

What is dance studio business management software?

Dance studio software allows you to manage every aspect of your business anytime, anywhere. The right software solution helps studio owners track student enrollments, manage class registrations, collect tuition fees and schedule auto-drafts, as well as work with staff and parents through carefully curated and robust Staff and Parent Portals

Additionally, dance studio software eliminates the need for multiple platforms that don’t speak to each other. This eliminates clunky processes and helps fill gaps in daily, monthly and annual business workflows. 

Which dance studio software features are right for your business?

Figuring out which dance studio software is right for your business is easier than you think. It all comes down to the features that fit the needs of your studio. 

In a recent study conducted by Jackrabbit Dance’s eTicketing partner Tututix, over half of studio owner responses ranked the following application features as extremely important in determining which dance studio software to choose. 

  • Billing and payment processing
  • Online registration 
  • Email and text communication 
  • Class management 
  • Attendance tracking 

To see the entire feature lineup and the primary reason dance studios chose their software provider, check out the TutuTix 2021 Dance Studio Management Software Survey. 

How do you know which dance studio software is best for your business?

When thinking about which dance studio software solution is best for your business, we recommend you do a few things: 

  1. Research the options that are available for your business.  
  2. Connect with the provider for a live demo that is customized to the needs of your business. 
  3. Create a free account to trial the software before buying and work with a product coach 

Any software solution worth its snuff will make it easy for you to complete those three steps. You’ll also know you’ve found the one when the dance studio software that gives your business: 

Unlimited and friendly support

“Jackrabbit has been extremely user-friendly and their technical support is just excellent!”

“I love using Jackrabbit – and I love their support & continued training.” 

Enhancements based on customer feedback and industry research

“Jackrabbit really listens and provides updates/ changes that bring true value.”

Everything you need to run your business in one place

“Jackrabbit has everything that I need all in one place. It’s intuitive on the backend as well as for the parents.”

Time back in your workday

“After correct setup, I calculated the hours that Jackrabbit saved me that I spent during the week to run the business part of the studio. It was literally 20 FULL 24 HOUR DAYS over the course of a year.”

Options to adopt features as you need them 

“We absolutely love Jackrabbit! We don’t even use half of it (yet!), but we love it.”

Start using Jackrabbit Dance today and discover why dance studio owners ranked Jackrabbit Dance as the #1 cloud-based dance studio management solution for the seventh year.

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