Top 20 Dance Costume Companies

Costume season is upon us! Picking out costumes for your dancers is one of the best times of the year…if you know what companies to start looking at. There are so many different vendors it can be hard to separate the top brands from the ok brands.

We’ve compiled a list of the leading costume brands to simplify your decision making. Don’t waste time looking for vendors, use that time to pick out costumes — it’s definitely more fun looking at costumes!

There are definitely advantages to using only a few companies each year for your costume ordering. Building loyalty and a relationship with the vendor is huge and can lead to discounts. You can also get volume discounts if you are ordering a lot of different costumes from the same place.  Finding a company who makes a style of costumes you like can really save searching for vendors.

 What are your favorite costume vendors? How do you choose who to do business with? 

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