Jackrabbit Technology rated number 1 in Dance Studio Software for the fifth year in a row.

TutuTix’s Dance Studio Software Reviews Ranks Jackrabbit Technologies #1 for 5th Year

December 11, 2020 – Jackrabbit Technologies has – for the 5th time – ranked #1 in the TutuTix Dance Studio Software Reviews. TutuTix presents the results collected from its annual dance studio software reviews survey in which they ask studio owners to answer questions about their current software tools. 77.73% of the 500+ studio owners who participated in the survey use dance studio management software. Jackrabbit Dance is the overwhelming studio management software choice of dance studio owners at 49.46%. Its closest competitors earn only 18.36% and 14.90%.

More detailed results of the survey show that:

  • Studio owners choose software based on:
    • Its ability to meet their needs.
    • Referrals from friends and associates.
  • Jackrabbit Technologies is one of the four major players dominating the dance studio software market.
  • The most important features to studio owners are:
    • Attendance tracking
    • Online registration
  • The most important reasons studio owners choose one software over another:
    • Customer service
    • Ease of use

Jackrabbit Dance is Ranked #1 in Client Satisfaction

Customer service is a critical component for dance studio owners to consider when selecting dance studio management software. According to direct quotes from survey comments, it’s clear that “Customer service is big.”

Dance studio owners encourage those looking for software to “Find out what their support system is like.” Continuing with advice, many owners advise that “You won’t find anyone out there to beat the support system at Jackrabbit.”

There is more to earning client satisfaction than offering good customer service. Dance studio owners also want to feel supported at all times with customer service that is accessible in a timely fashion. Jackrabbit Dance provides excellent customer service that keeps clients operational 24 hours a day.

“We LOVE Jackrabbit Dance. It is intuitive, easy to understand, and has awesome chat tech support. We don’t know what we’d do without it!”

It’s a resounding endorsement from the majority of dance studio owners that “Jackrabbit customer service can’t be beat!”

Jackrabbit Dance Delivers Rich Features and Robust Functionality

“Ease of managing everything from one platform is super important. Depending on how big your studio gets, having to export/import lists to and from other software or systems can be a real pain and possibly let clients fall through the cracks.”

Having confidence in the company behind the dance studio management software owners choose is important. “Jackrabbit is a great company. They are always updating their site adding new ways to make our business run smoother. If you have a problem they contact you very quickly to help you solve your problem. ”

Jackrabbit’s setup is fully customizable and, at no additional cost, keeps studios humming and frees owners up to be involved with students, families, and studio growth. “It took time to set up but well worth the time and investment! ”

Jackrabbit Dance is Ears Up for Ideas

Jackrabbit Dance listens to customers, consistently adds features and enhancements, and explores new ideas from customer suggestions – all with the purpose of keeping Jackrabbit on the leading edge for dance studio owners. Jackrabbit Dance offers clients the opportunity to be part of the development process in an Idea Portal. Not only are ideas accepted but votes can also be cast to help prioritize product development to what clients require and desire. Jackrabbit Dance’s 2021 roadmap – which will roll out soon – is drawn up with the purpose of helping clients emerge from the impact of COVID-19 as a stronger, more nimble, and highly energized dance studio.

TutuTix Performance Ticketing Adds Value as Jackrabbit Partner

TutuTix’s ticketing solution gives dance studios the tools and platform necessary to sell and distribute tickets to dance performances. Jackrabbit’s customers have direct access to the TutuTix solution through its partnership with Jackrabbit making it simple and straightforward to set up and use. TutuTix enables dance studios to transfer the cost of ticket processing and distribution to patrons gives patrons a secure ticketing process and increases the studio’s professionalism. The Jackrabbit-TutuTix partnership makes offering performance ticketing seamlessly to parents.

More information is available about TutuTix Performance Ticketing at www.tututix.com.

About Jackrabbit Technologies

Jackrabbit Technologies is the leader in providing class management cloud software to youth activity centers that include gymnastics and cheer gyms, dance studios, child care centers and swim and music schools – serving 5,158,122 students and 12,000 schools in 28 countries. Jackrabbit develops solutions rich in features, such as enrollment management, billing, online registration, and staff and parent portals. Jackrabbit Technologies’ software helps its clients operate more efficiently so they can get back to the passions that inspire them.

More information is available about Jackrabbit Technologies’ software at www.JackrabbitClass.com

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