Filling Daytime Hours at Your Dance Studio

Dance students posing in ballet studio. 4 Ways to Reach New Students

Everyone wants to be at your studio at the same time. It makes sense. The peak activity windows are the after school into evening and Saturdays. But you have a limit to the number of classes you can reasonably hold and the number of students you can actually (and legally) fit in your dance studio. […]

Save Time and Money with the Costume Module in Jackrabbit Dance

Jackrabbit Dance Costume Module Time Saver

Whether your recital music inspires your costume selection or vice versa, costume buying season can be time-consuming! Flipping through multiple catalogs or costume company websites to find the perfect amount of sparkle for the right price point in the right size – it feels like you are putting together a huge puzzle! If you already […]

How to Choose the Right Dance Studio Management Software

How to choose the right dance studio management software.

You’ve opened your new dance studio-finally! We’ve got a lot to cover to get your business set up with the correct studio management software, so let’s get right down to it. Opening a new dance studio means investing in class management software to help grow your new business Here’s everything you need to know about […]

Dance Lessons Develop Qualities You’ll Appreciate for a Lifetime

Lessons that last a lifetime. Female dancer dancing in a studio.

Those adults of us who took dance as kids probably realize the four areas that I’m about to discuss that support the statement that dance has benefits for athletes in other sports. In fact, what I share also quickly answers the “Does dance class make one a better athlete?” question with “yes.” What I’m going […]

How Does Dance Improve Health and Teamwork?

How Dance improves health & teamwork.

What’s one thing you can to do collectively boost your mood, productivity and physical health? Hint: Everyone can do it. Answer: Dancing! According to Dance psychologist Peter Lovatt, Ph.D., Regardless of whether you practice law or teach children in an extracurricular setting, routine dance breaks can provide a refresh that improves almost everything such as […]

Jackrabbit Dance Saves Owner Time and Brings Inspiration to Students

Mint Hill Dance Center client success story.

Whitleigh Cook started her dance studio in a quiet suburb of Charlotte to share with children the passion she has for dance. As she developed relationships with her students, Whitleigh soon realized that she is doing even more than sharing her passion for dance, she is part of her students’ lives.  “I suddenly realized that […]

Jackrabbit Dance Software Helped Tolbert Yilmaz School of Dance Make Comeback

Mint Hill Dance Center client success story.

Even in 2009 when using spreadsheets to manage their operations may have been more common than using online software for dance studios, Nancy Tolbert-Yilmaz knew there had to be a ‘better way’! She was still using the index card method that she originated when she opened her dance studio in 1979. Outstanding accounts totaling $16K […]

3 Big Ideas to Profit from Your Holiday Dance Recital

3 ways to profit from holiday recitals.

Is it OK to make money from ticket sales for your holiday shows? The answer is yes! It’s your business and you need to profit from the holiday dance recitals you produce. Online ticketing software is a sure way to make selling tickets easier for you and to provide a better ticket purchasing experience for […]

A Few Favorite Things: What DIDC Loves About Jackrabbit Dance

Dance Innovations Dance Center success story blog post.

A recent conversation with Mollie Baron, manager of Dance Innovations Dance Center, provided the opportunity to talk about a few of Mollie’s favorite Jackrabbit Dance things. “We feel like we are a lot like Jackrabbit – and that makes our relationship work. Neither of us are stuck in our ways, we’re both always improving and […]

The Best Foods to Include on a Dancer’s Snack List

The Dancers Snack List

Dance uses up a lot of energy and burns a lot of calories, making what your dancers eat super important in helping them master their art. Certain foods give dancers’ bodies the nutrients they need at specific times. These foods help them perform at high levels and can help them recover from an intense class […]

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