[guide] Jackrabbit’s New Simplified Menu

The Ultimate Guide to the New Simplified menu. Snapshot of the jackrabbit menu dashboard on a tablet.

In late 2020, Jackrabbit released a sleeker and smarter version of its user interface, including a simplified menu. Over the past three months, our Product and Development teams have been working with clients to perfect the layout of this menu so that clients have the best user experience possible every time they log-in to Jackrabbit […]

Why your studio should live stream dance classes in 2021

Live-streaming dance classes & Spot TV. Girl is live-streaming a dance class.

Let’s face it. When it comes to teaching in-person dance classes, it’s important to pull out all the stops to appeal to new and existing students. In other words, no marking it. So what are some of the things you can offer during in-person classes to give your studio an edge up on your competition?  […]

6 reasons to implement a dance studio email marketing strategy

Dance Studio Marketing | 6 reasons why you need an email marketing strategy

What’s one thing all dance studio owners, directors and managers have in common? They want to successfully market the programs at their dance studio to increase student enrollment and grow revenue.  With that in mind, we’ve curated a list of the top benefits associated with using email at your dance studio. These email marketing tips […]

Hosting online dance classes when your studio is closed due to weather

Inclement whether information.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. You know, that time when Mother Nature randomly throws a snow storm in your direction that forces you to close for inclement weather.  Sometimes snow and ice clear quickly. Other times, classes at your studio could be snowed out for several days. If 2020 has primed us […]

4 Things You’ll Love About the New Jackrabbit Dance

The new jackrabbit dance. A girl is viewing the new Jackrabbit Dance dashboard.

The new Jackrabbit Dance is here and I’m here to tell you that you’re going to love it! Early this summer, Jackrabbit began rolling out updates to its user interface to give dance studio owners, directors and managers a best-in-class user experience, along with an eye-catching new look and feel. The Next Generation user experience, […]

How to Prepare Your Instructors to Return to the Dance Studio

Helping teachers return to the dance studio. 3 things every studio owner should know.

As a dance studio owner, you may be seeing lots of updates about what other dance studios are doing to prepare to reopen their facilities. You probably have your reopening plan created, and, to some extent, are executing parts of it. But have you thought about what your instructors need to return to the dance […]

Why You Should Keep Teaching Dance Online After COVID-19

4 reasons to teach dance classes online with Jackrabbit Dance.

Now that we’re several weeks into our new virtual routines, the question for studio owners becomes: What aspects of your new normal will you keep when social distancing requirements get lifted and you’re able to reconnect with students in the dance studio?   If you transitioned to an online dance studio model, chances are you did […]

Want to Buy a Dance Studio? Here’s Step 2: Create a Marketing Plan

How to buy a dance studio Step 2.

We see you, potential dance studio buyer. Once you decided to move forward with your dream of owning your own dance studio, you started Googling tips for how to buy a dance studio and your brain has been racing with ways to turn that dream into a reality ever since.  While compiling a list of […]

How to Buy a Dance Studio: Step 1

How to buy a dance studio step 1.

You’ve grown up dancing; you’ve been a dance teacher for years and possibly even a manager or director of a studio, but you have the desire to do more. You want to own your own dance studio.  When building a dance studio and community of students from the ground up doesn’t fit into your plan, […]

The ultimate guide for ordering dance costumes

Dance costume ordering guide.

As a dance teacher, you know a lot goes into creating the perfect dance routine. From music selection and choreography, to cast and costume choice- there are multiple components you must pay specific attention to when preparing for an upcoming performance. Whether it be for a dance competition, dance recital or community performance – you […]

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