How Dance by Design Studios used Jackrabbit Dance to Grow Enrollment

Dance by Design Studios was founded by Carolyn Wells in 2014. As a first-time studio owner, Carolyn knew that she needed to find the right dance studio software to help her manage her new business efficiently.

In a sea of studio software options, Jackrabbit Dance remains the top-rated solution for dance studio owners. That’s why Carolyn’s decision to invest in Jackrabbit Dance was a no-brainer. Early on in her exposure to Jackrabbit, Carolyn knew it was the software she needed to open and grow her brand new dance studio. As a new business owner, the ability to access it from anywhere was important and the parent engagement and experience this application would create for her new dance families was more than appealing.

Let’s take a look at how Dance by Design Studios used Jackrabbit Dance to grow enrollment and expand their offerings through this recent case study.

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Background story

Carolyn Wells had always dreamed of having her own dance studio and sharing her love for dance with her family. And when she found out she was having a little girl, it was time to make her dream a reality. As a former dancer, she had an exact idea of the kind of dance experience she wished for her future students, including her daughter. That’s when Dance by Design Studios was born!

In 2014, she opened a dance studio in New Braunfels, Texas with 30 students. While she may have been starting her own business for the first time, she knew she couldn’t do it alone. Having help was the best way to make sure she could grow her business and sustain the work/life balance she was looking for with a new family.

Top 2 goals

Cloud-based software

From the day Carolyn opened the studio, she had the help of dance studio management software, an office administrator, and an instructor. Carolyn knew that with the right people and software in place, she’d be able to effectively manage her studio from afar when she needed or wanted to.

The goal of being able to log in to her business on the go was one of the many reasons why she chose Jackrabbit Dance. Whether she needed to complete a task while at home or delegate to someone else, she knew she could always have a pulse on her studio.

Class offerings online

Referrals and word-of-mouth are powerful marketing tools but Carolyn desired to have a one-stop-shop experience for students on her studio’s website.

Her second goal upon opening her dance studio was to have class information and other details available online 24/7 with the hopes of allowing parents to conveniently see class options by day, age, or genre.

This would make it easy for parents to quickly find the class that worked best for their family and encourage them to enroll their students in multiple classes when seeing how the schedule lined up for back-to-back classes.


With her studio open and goals well defined, business was ready to boom. So, how did she do it? With the help of Jackrabbit’s website integration features, of course!

Class Listing Tables

Based on the classes added to the Jackrabbit application, Carolyn was able to display class listing tables on her website, which were a dynamic and live portrayal of her class schedule. With class information and a registration link side by side, parents don’t have to find a class and then figure out how to enroll – they can do it all in the same place!

Online Registration Form

With the ability to add a registration form to your website behind a call-to-action link or button, you can ensure that families can quickly find where to register their dancers and the information carries over into your Jackrabbit account. Parents can input their information, agree to policies, input payment information, and enroll their child all in one form.

The best thing about the online registration form is it can be used anywhere – in emails, on Facebook, on posters with a QR code – the possibilities are endless!

View the first video in our three part series taking you through the process of moving your registration online -> Watch Here

Web Integration Specialists

If HTML has you saying OMG, no worries!

Jackrabbit has a Web Integration team that specializes in helping clients get their class listing tables and online registration forms perfect for their website. Based on your preferences for what class information you want to show and how you want it sorted or filtered, they can send you the custom code for your website in no time at all.

But, if you’re a DIY-er and love this kind of thing, our help center outlines what you need to make online registration a breeze for you and your families!

Looking for dance studio management software? Schedule a live demo with a Product Coach to learn more about the Jackrabbit Dance features that will help grow your studio!


In the first year of business, Dance by Design Studios experienced a 286% increase in student enrollment. This is just one of many of their success stories over the last 8 years. Carolyn’s studio is still experiencing exponential growth and is looking to add more classes to the schedule to meet local demand.

To reveal more achievements from Dance by Design Studios, grab your copy of the full case study!

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