Jackrabbit Dance best dance studio management software.

How you know you’ve found the right dance studio software

Every year, TutuTix Performance Ticketing conducts a survey among studio owners to find out what dance management software owners are using and how happy they are with that software solution. For the 5th year, Jackrabbit Dance was voted best in client satisfaction for dance studio management software and we couldn’t be more ecstatic!

Factors considered were:

  • Customer service
  • Features met owners needs the best
  • Subscription fit within their budget
  • Easy to operate and understand
  • Recommended by a friend in the industry

Reasons to choose Jackrabbit Dance management software

Within the survey, dance studio owners were asked for the reasons they chose their current studio management software. Whether you are using an alternative dance studio management software solution or you are considering switching to Jackrabbit Dance, don’t take our word for it – see what other dance studio owners are saying!

  1. “We chose Jackrabbit for its features.”
  2. “We’ve remained customers because of the fabulous customer support. Absolutely the best!”
  3. “We tried many and this was simply the most robust and inexpensive.”
  4. “Easy to operate and understand.”
  5. “It was recommended to me by friends and I liked the features and prices.”
  6. “It was preferred by parents who tested 3-4 options.”
  7. “Efficient for families to access accounts.”
  8. “Find out what their support system is like – you won’t find anyone out there to beat the support system at Jackrabbit.”
  9. “We LOVE Jackrabbit Dance. It is intuitive, easy to understand, and has awesome chat tech support. I don’t know what we’d do without it.”
  10. “Jackrabbit is a great company. They are always updating their site adding new ways to make our business run smoother.”
  11. “Every studio has its own quirks to how you run things, and you can figure out workarounds to help you. The staff at Jackrabbit is incredible! They have an online chat that is available every day where you can ask a quick question and get quick help. If it is something more involved, you can schedule a block of time for them to help you. Absolutely LOVE this program and it is the BEST thing our studio has done!”
  12. “Jackrabbit has been very responsive during COVID-19 and has worked diligently to improve the program.”
  13. Customer service is top-notch at Jackrabbit. The software is always being updated and the staff is not only receptive to suggestions but asks for customer input.”
  14. “I like the all in one – like website building, blast emails, texts, etc. all right there in the program.”
  15. “Great organization for costume and recital planning.”
  16. “All online for payments for registration. Was planning to go this way eventually before COVID hit and couldn’t be more happy to have found Jackrabbit just in time!”
  17. “It had the most customizations and a texting tool.”
  18. “I tried other demos and liked this one the best.”
  19. “Use QuickBooks and can pull reports to meet my needs.”
  20. “Fantastic email system and customer support is top-notch.”

There’s more where that came from! Whether you’re exploring dance software for the first time or you want to switch dance studio management software, it’s a great time to learn more about what dance studio owners are saying about Jackrabbit Dance!

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