how to increase recital revenue

How to Increase Dance Recital Revenue

Dance recitals are arguably the most important time of year at your dance studio. It’s your Super Bowl. 

Students are anxious to show off the routines they’ve been working on all year. Parents are excited to see their student’s progress on the stage, and many are making the decision whether they will register for the upcoming year at your studio. 

The pressure is on to produce a performance that wows the audience. As a dance studio owner, the pressure is also on to make sure your dance recital is profitable. That’s why we’ve put together this article of studio owner approved tips for how to increase dance recital revenue at end-of-year recitals. 

Sell dance recital ticket packages 

Bundling dance recital tickets is an easy way to capitalize on impulsive buying behavior that consumers have online. Selling dance recital ticket packages also gives you the opportunity to get creative. 

The Starter Kit: Two dance recital tickets, one recital-themed t-shirt, access to digital photo download, digital program book.

Making Memories Collection: Four dance recital tickets, one recital-themed t-shirt, access to digital photo download, choose three printed photos, digital and printed program book keepsake.  

The Prima Package: Six dance recital tickets, one recital-themed t-shirt, access to digital photo download, five printed photos, digital and printed program book keepsake, flower bouquet.  

Whatever you offer in your ticket packages, make sure the pricing is correct with your profit margin calculated in. Working with a dance recital ticketing company is the best way to ensure ticket packages are set up correctly and in a way that will bring more buck to your bottom line. 

Monetize your dance recital’s program book 

Dance recital programs and playbills serve as a lasting memory and treasured keepsake for many young dancers. They can also help you generate additional recital revenue by selling ads and using the pages of your program for some shameless self promotion.  

Congratulatory ads for students 

From first year students to graduating seniors, there’s no celebration too small that parents, grandparents, or family friends wouldn’t pay to share in your end-of-year recital program book. 

Begin offering program ads to families roughly two months prior to your recital and set a strict deadline for congratulatory ad cut-offs to allow yourself enough time to add these pages to your current recital program lineup. 

Business ads

Selling ad space is a great way to monetize your dance recital’s program book. Local businesses will be looking for a reliable place to spend their marketing dollars. If you’ve done your job right to produce a recital that the whole community is buzzing about, they’ll gladly purchase ad space in your program book. 

Tip: Give businesses a longer runway, about 4 months, to purchase ads as marketing budgets may be evaluated on more of a quarterly basis than monthly. 

Promote upcoming events at your dance studio

Just because everyone’s focus is on the performers on stage doesn’t mean you can’t redirect their attention to upcoming events at your dance studio. Use the space in your dance recital program book for a little self-promotion like: 

  • Last-minute summer camp registration 
  • Get early access to fall enrollment 
  • Summer birthday party packages
  • Dance studio rental information

Any service you can offer the audience, feature it in your program book. The important thing is to make it easy for the reader to register, purchase or learn more about the upcoming event or service you’re offering at your dance studio. 

Use your Jackrabbit Dance subscription to help you organize performances and recitals → Learn more in our client Help Center or schedule a demo with a Product Coach to see how you can use Jackrabbit Dance at your studio. 

Charge more for tickets sold at the door 

There will always be a parent or family member who waits until the last minute. Last-minute ticket sales can make it difficult to gauge capacity and other theater logistics, so communicate to parents and the community that tickets sold at the door will cost more than pre-purchasing tickets. 

Hear more dance recital revenue tips from a panel of Jackrabbit Dance clients and partners. Watch How to Generate Revenue: The Performance Edition now!

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