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The Importance of Inclusivity at Your Dance Studio

Much like the art of dance, inclusivity brings people of all backgrounds, skill levels and ways of life together. As a dance studio owner, inclusivity is something to be celebrated and embraced in order to create a studio that thrives. But why is inclusivity important?

Inclusivity is more than just a buzzword and it’s important not to write it off as one. When dancers of different cultures, genders, ethnicities and abilities come together, it helps create an enriched learning experience for everyone involved through the sharing of ideas and acceptance of others. Running an inclusive dance studio goes beyond this though. Here are some reasons why creating an inclusive space should be a top priority at your dance studio:

It Helps Create A Welcoming Environment

By prioritizing inclusivity, you can create a safe and accepting space where every dancer feels valued and supported. This allows them to pursue their passion without worrying about the fear of any kind of discrimination. Put yourself in their dance shoes for a minute! Wouldn’t you have a better chance of thriving if you could focus on dancing rather than worrying about negative comments about yourself as a person? 

It Can Boost Creativity

Inclusivity shouldn’t just be limited to your students! Ensuring you’re inclusive when it comes to your staff as well can even lead to a boost in creativity. By hiring and embracing dance teachers from different backgrounds and schools of dance, you can offer your students new and exciting classes or even new twists on older lessons.

It Can Help With Personal Growth Among Students

Inclusive environments provide opportunities for personal growth and self-discovery. Dancers learn to appreciate their individual strengths while learning to acknowledge and respect the strengths of their peers. 

It Helps Foster Empathy

Interacting with dancers from various walks of life helps foster empathy among students and staff! It exposes them to perspectives and experiences different from their own which helps break down barriers and stereotypes they may have picked up previously in life.

Inclusivity leads to some amazing benefits for both students and staff at your dance studio, but you may be wondering how to make a better effort to ensure that your studio is doing its best and reaping the benefits of creating an inclusive environment. We wouldn’t leave you without the keys to success! Here are some ways you can foster a more inclusive space for your dancers:

Increase Diversity and Representation

From your marketing materials to video examples you may show to your students, try to make sure your studio reflects the diversity within your community! Take this as an opportunity to invite guest instructors from different backgrounds from your own to host workshops. This can also expose your dancers to new teaching styles as well. 

Ensure Accessibility

Make sure your curriculum is flexible enough to accommodate dancers of various physical abilities and skill levels so that all students feel welcome. Consider creating classes for students with different abilities ensuring every dancer has accessibility at your studio.

Try to Use More Inclusive Language

Keep an open mind and be receptive to your dancer’s identities. Utilize gender-neutral and inclusive language where needed and address discriminatory behavior promptly.

Engage with Your Community

There are likely many local organizations, charities and cultural centers in your area that you can engage with to increase inclusivity! Explore options to perform for these organizations or even participate in workshops with them, exposing dancers to new people and ideas. It’s also a great way to help give back to your community.

Dancers and parents from all walks of life will appreciate your efforts to make your dance studio accessible to them and their children. By taking the steps to embrace inclusivity, you can help create an environment where the next generation of dancers can thrive, learn, and connect with each other and people beyond dance. 

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