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Time Management for Dance Studio Owners: Tips and Tools with Jackrabbit Dance

Time is one of our most valuable (and limited) resources and something that we can’t easily get back once we’ve used it. As a dance studio owner, you’re balancing a lot of responsibilities and constantly looking for ways to better manage and save time where you can without sacrificing quality and customer experience.

The great news is with a powerful studio management software like Jackrabbit Dance, you’re not on your own to figure it out. Using recommended tips and tools that our clients rave about, you’re sure to feel confident in redirecting your energy and efforts to use time as efficiently as you can!

7 Time-Managing Features Found in Dance Studio Management Software

Dance studio management software helps you do just that – manage your dance studio. And if you’ve got the right studio management software, it’s making your business life easier so you have time to spend on things that take more of your attention.

We’ve compiled 7 features of Jackrabbit Dance that are sure to help you effectively manage your time as you continue to run a successful studio.

1. Improve productivity with more automation

Have you ever thought about the things you would do if you had more time? Not because they are hard but because the small tasks have a high volume that makes them time-consuming?

Look no further – Jackrabbit’s Zapier integration allows you to accomplish tasks just like this by implementing automation for:

  • Sending welcome email campaigns to new students.
  • Adding new families into Jackrabbit after a successful trial class.
  • Delivering a feedback survey after a student becomes inactive.

The possibilities are truly endless when connecting Jackrabbit Dance with another software platform through Zapier!

2. Accurate staff time reporting for payroll

Making sure your staff gets paid correctly and on time might be one of the most stressful parts of owning a dance studio. Trying to keep up with numerous instructor schedules and office staff shifts is nearly impossible as you continue to scale and grow.

That’s where an easy-to-use staff time clock comes in handy. Staff can quickly clock in as they enter the studio and clock out when it’s time to leave, making it super simple for their manager to approve time and ensure payroll isn’t delayed.

Keeping staff happy with accurate paychecks delivered on time and having confidence that time is being tracked effectively is the relief you need as a business owner!

3. Effective communication with a mobile app

Mobile apps are the way of today and no matter where you go, every business seems to have one. Why wouldn’t yours?

Jackrabbit Plus is a bundled upgrade that not only includes studio management software but it also includes your very own custom-branded mobile app. Aside from making enrollment quicker when registration opens, mobile apps are a great way to communicate with parents.

From targeted push notifications based on segmenting in Jackrabbit to group chats with your staff of instructors for class coverage, there’s no better way to get a message out than leveraging the mobile app.

4. Quick access to important data insights

As a studio owner, you need information about your business and you need it fast. There’s no faster way to get to this level of detail than Jackrabbit’s Executive Dashboard. From the moment you log in you can quickly see a revenue comparison chart year-over-year, who owes money with aged accounts, key metrics to know for current enrollment, and where you or your staff need to take action through alerts.

And as if that isn’t already awesome, the Jackrabbit team is refreshing the Executive Dashboard as we speak and so far, the beta testers are loving it! This is the first step for adding new functionality to a very important, highly visited part of the software so you can ensure you have the quickest route to what you need from the moment you log in!

>>Check out our 2024 Product Roadmap to stay up-to-date on the latest feature releases<<

5. Efficient attendance tracking with Self Check-in

Sometimes the best time management tips are ways to spread the responsibility past your staff and on to parents and dancers. Setting up a self check-in station not only eliminates something from your teachers’ to-do list as soon as class starts but it ensures that attendance records are accurate.

In addition to helping with time management in the classroom, Jackrabbit’s Self Check-in can help you extend your positive customer service experience by displaying celebration messages for the first day of class, birthdays or newly attained skills. What’s not to love about that?!

Think about how you can use self check-in stations in your lobby or at the front window whether for your regular season of classes, summer camps, or master classes and workshops by checking out more details here.

6. Simplify monthly tuition with automated billing

When it comes to collecting tuition fees, it might be the most critical to-do on your list but having studio management software makes it easy to leverage automation here so you can continue to see revenue rolling in with ease.

With Jackrabbit Dance, we’ve captured your tuition rates for each class, your billing structure and frequency, and stored payment methods. Why not let the software do the work for you, post tuition fees and process payments on a recurring basis? After all, parents are used to auto-draft on various subscriptions and memberships and this just adds another easy payment to their list!

7. Enhance recital management and execution

Planning and putting on a recital is stressful enough. And if you’re a dance studio that performs multiple shows a year, your level of stress might be year-round. With so many things to check off the list in order to top the studio’s last performance, you need studio management software that will help you manage everything in a timely fashion.

As you build out your recital lineup in Jackrabbit Dance, you can uncheck any dancers who aren’t participating in the show and this helps you quickly:

  • Communicate with all recital participants about important show details.
  • Create your program book with ease through an export of your lineup.

By saving time on these tedious tasks, you’ll be cool, calm and collected for show time!

Next Steps for Time Management at Your Studio

Hopefully, you are already daydreaming about all the ways you can better your studio with improved time management by leveraging the benefits and features of studio management software.

But don’t worry, there’s more to Jackrabbit Dance than the features above and we’d love the opportunity to show the software in action. Join one of our Onboarding Coaches for a live demo and tell us what you’d like to see. Schedule your call today!

If any of these features and tips speak to you, we are a true match! Get started with Jackrabbit Dance today and explore what the software can do for you – your first 30 days are free!

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