How To Leverage Jackrabbit Dance For Parent Communication

Communication with your customers starts the second they learn about your dance studio. From social media, newsletters, welcome emails, or your regular communication with families – information can come from many different platforms. 

When it comes to communicating, some people may say you can never communicate too much. Whatever your belief may be, regular communication is the best way to make sure your parents and students have a positive customer experience. Finding a way to automate your communication strategy with a studio management system makes your life easier and ensures scheduled communication. Here are a few ways we think Jackrabbit Dance can enhance your parent communication.

Email Communication

With the rise in smartphone use, one would think that email communication would fall in popularity. In reality, it has only increased the use of email. Whether it’s due to the ease of access or personal preference, email is important for businesses. 

With Jackrabbit Dance, you can send emails to customers directly through the application while having the ability to create and save emails templates for future use. This makes welcome emails, new class announcements, or studio updates easy to create and send at a moment’s notice. 

How do you know if email communication to your parents is effective? Jackrabbit’s powerful reporting features give you insight into your email strategy so you can change messaging as needed.

Text Messaging

In some cases, you need to get communication out quickly. Whether it’s a last-minute class change or a new class announcement, text messaging is a great way to get a message out. You have the ability to send messages from inside the application. Jackrabbit Dance partners with two text messaging platforms allowing you to utilize whichever works better for you.

Mobile App

Why should your dance studio have a mobile app to communicate with parents? Because the smartphone is your customer’s favorite accessory! Consumers are conditioned to download apps from the Apple App or Google Play Stores to connect with businesses. Your dance studio shouldn’t be any different. 

Jackrabbit Plus, Jackrabbit’s newest subscription offering allows you to have a custom-branded mobile app along with studio management software, so you can seamlessly communicate with customers on any device

Jackrabbit Plus allows families to access the Parent Portal through the app. This opens a whole new world of bill pay, punch card access, and class and event information. One of the best perks of your dance studio mobile app is the ability to create and schedule push notifications. This just enhances your ability to communicate with families and create a positive customer experience. 

Parent Portal

While the Parent Portal is most often used by customers to enroll kids in dance classes and pay fees, it’s also a very useful communication tool. You can add a message that parents will see upon log-in that can be edited as often as you’d like. From a reminder to pay costume fees to well wishes for a new school year, this message will be the first thing parents see. 

Within the Parent Portal, parents will find a record of the emails you have sent them and updates on their child’s progress. Parents will also be able to view policies they have agreed to, add immunization and health information, and view class resources, such as recital music or costume. The Parent Portal is a perfect solution for dance studios that value two-way communication. 

Why is parent communication important?

Everyone has their preferred way of communication and utilizing different forms at your dance studio can only improve the customer experience. Establishing open communication channels, increasing convenience, and staying consistent will only increase loyalty. 

Utilize a dance studio management system to stay on top of communication and make your day-to-day a little easier. Start a free trial today and enjoy our 90-day money-back guarantee. 

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About the Author:

With experience as a competitive swimmer and coach, Haley is passionate about helping Jackrabbit clients get the most out of their class management software. As part of the Marketing Team, she spends her time connecting with clients and showing future clients how Jackrabbit can change their business for the better. Outside of work hours you can find Haley out on the boat, on the search for the best brunch food, or cheering on the South Carolina Gamecocks.

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