Which tuition model is right for my dance studio?

Every dance studio is different! In fact, we’ve found that one of the ways studios differ the most is in the ways they choose to bill for the classes they provide to students. 

Whether the differences are small, such as across-the-board discounts, or pretty major, such as by hours instead of by classes-tuition structure for dance studios can be as unique as the styles of dance they teach. 

Here’s a rundown of common dance studio tuition models so you can choose the one that’s best for your studio. 

3 tuition models for dance studios

At Jackrabbit, there are three common options for tuition models, or the way in which your studio charges for classes. 

Each tuition posting method is simple to adopt and is as straightforward to understand as it sounds. Each also comes with its benefits, so it’s important to evaluate which tuition model works best for your dance studio before you take the leap. 

Tuition by class

Dance studios that post tuition by class charge customers the tuition amount assigned to a specific class. Pretty simple, right? 

Posting tuition by class is great when you want to offer a discount for taking multiple classes. Recreational dance classes fit perfectly into the tuition model, as many students are only signing up for one recreational class per week. The flexibility to incentivize additional class pairings at a discount (set to your parameters, of course!) is a great way to fill more classes without having to necessarily attract more students. 

Tuition by total hours

Posting tuition by total hours is also common with dance studios. With this tuition model, you can charge by total hours a student takes a week or total hours for a family per week. While discounting is up to the owner’s discretion, this tuition structure usually has the multi-class discount built in. 

(–> Discover more about the benefit of discounting and prorating classes at your dance studio)

Tuition by fixed fees

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, special rates or grandfathered rates for select students or families are a thing, and they likely aren’t going anywhere. Posting tuition by a fixed fee is a great alternative to posting tuition by class or by total hours. 

Do you have a group of students who take a large number of classes or hours of classes per billing cycle, like a competition team or pre-professional students? Billing by a fixed fee gives you the ability to offer a flat rate (like an unlimited package) for all of those classes. This tuition model overrides the fee structure assigned to any class a student is enrolled in and replaces it with the fixed fee whenever tuition is posted to the student’s account. 

Need to fine-tune tuition processes at your dance studio using Jackrabbit Dance? Learn how to utilize tuition posting and processing to its fullest potential in the Jackrabbit Tuition Hub. Learn more!

If you thought the benefits of dance studio tuition models couldn’t get any more exciting, think again (wink)! When you choose to post and process tuition with the assistance of dance studio software like Jackrabbit Dance, you have the flexibility to combine multiple tuition posting models for different types of classes and events. 

Take the first step to implementing a successful dance studio tuition model by subscribing to Jackrabbit Dance today! 

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