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Top Time-Saving Features of Dance Studio Management Software

No matter what season it is at your dance studio, time is always one of those things that you can never have enough of. From ordering costumes to preparing for recitals to opening up registration for summer camp – time is always ticking and you often find yourself just trying to keep up, rather than having the ability to plan ahead. 

That is unless you’re taking advantage of studio management software like Jackrabbit Dance. When developing some of our most popular time-saving features, we did it with you in mind by asking ourselves ‘How can we better help dance studio owners, office staff, and instructors accomplish their day-to-day goals while taking less time to do so?’ 

Of course, every dance studio is unique and has a different way of doing things but at the core of each one, the goals are generally the same – keep parents happy, have a pulse on your business at all times, make your staff’s job easy, and communicate effectively. And that is where Jackrabbit Dance shines. Follow along for our top time-saving features so you can accomplish more without risking your most valuable resource. 

Empower Families With the Jackrabbit Parent Portal

Parents are busy – they are oftentimes coordinating family schedules with multiple activities on top of work commitments and maintaining the household. Making sure that they have the opportunity to self-serve among the chaos is vital to attracting new students and retaining existing ones. That’s where the Jackrabbit Parent Portal comes in. 

This one-stop-shop is made for parents on the go to be able to log in at any time, add classes to their schedule, view skill updates from their child’s classes, make payments on their account, and update information when an address, email or credit card changes. Not only are they able to do this when it’s top-of-mind for them (which may or may not be when your office is staffed), but you’re likely to save time answering phone calls and emails for things parents can take care of on their own. 

And if you’re looking to take their experience to the next level, there’s no better way than the custom-branded mobile app when you upgrade to Jackrabbit Plus. Not only can parents achieve the same things from the Parent Portal but they can also receive time-sensitive push notifications, connect with you and your staff with group chat, or purchase a gift card ahead of the holiday season.  

The more parents can accomplish from their device, the less time you and your staff have to spend keeping up with demands and manually making updates!

Make Data-Driven Decisions With Reporting Insights

The best part about studio management software is the ability to gather insights from reports on the data you’ve collected. After all, what good is the information if you can’t gain insights into what is working and what’s not for future decisions? 

Whether less is more or more is more for you, Jackrabbit Dance has a suite of reports with various levels of detail that includes different data, as well as the ability to search or filter by a variety of information. Aka, anything you want to find out, you can!

  • Students who were enrolled last season but not this season
  • Referral sources for new families
  • Monthly revenue
  • And much more!

If you’re a numbers person and love seeing charts and visuals for measurable metrics, Jackrabbit’s premium feature – the Business Intelligence Dashboard – is exactly what you need to influence your future decisions as a business owner. Whether you are tracking retention from year to year or what program or class is most successful, you can see a visual overview that allows for the opportunity to drill further into the information when needed.

–>Interested in learning more about Jackrabbit’s expansive offering of reports? Get a personalized demo today! 

Enhance Efficiency With the Jackrabbit Staff Portal

There’s no better way to make your staff run for the hills than to make their job more complicated than it needs to be. They need the right tools (and the right number of tools) to do their job and do it well without requiring too much effort or headache. Jackrabbit’s Staff Portal was created with this in mind!

Need to take attendance? Check.

Need to share a choreography video with the class? Check.

Want to email parents about their child’s progress in class? Check.

Have new availability to enter to help with subbing for classes? Check!

There’s not much dance instructors and staff can’t do from the Staff Portal and that’s what makes it so great. Similar to the Parent Portal, your team has everything they need to know where they should be and when, as well as what they need in the studio to be successful and organized in front of their students.

But, the best feature of all in the Jackrabbit Staff Portal is the Time Clock. Yep, you read that right! Jackrabbit makes it easy for your staff to clock in from the correct location and the right department so they get paid the right amount on time. This takes a huge burden off you as the studio owner as you have an easy way to export payroll information with two integration-supported solutions – QuickBooks and Express Payroll

Not only are you free from the less-than-fun math but massive amounts of time is saved and your staff are happy and confident that you have them taken care of!

Maximize More With Ideal Integrations

Integrations are a great way to easily connect two or more software applications to ultimately save time and make operations as efficient as possible. Here at Jackrabbit Dance, we knew there were opportunities to help dance studio owners do more than just studio management. That’s why we integrated with top-of-the-line partners to ensure that your studio doesn’t miss a beat!

Whether you are looking to automate billing with Jackrabbit Pay, simplify lead nurture and conversion with a Zap, or offer an exceptional experience with live streaming through Spot TV, Jackrabbit Dance has you covered with a variety of integrations and partnerships.

–>Check out the Jackrabbit Dance partner marketplace 

How Jackrabbit Dance Can Save you Time

Whether you are looking for a better work/life balance or you’d like to free up time to innovate on your studio’s offerings, Jackrabbit Dance is the partner for you. With many time-saving features to help with your top priorities as a business owner, you know we’ve got you covered!

These time-saving features are just touching the surface of what Jackrabbit Dance can do for you and your dance studio. There’s no better way to find out than to open your free account today!

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