Fun Ways to Light a Dance Class

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Sometimes, changing the lighting in a room is a simple, yet effective, way to shake things up a bit. The following are a few fun ways to add dynamic lighting to your studio classroom: Glow Sticks- Glow sticks are a fun prop to incorporate into choreography or improvisation. Turns the lights off, and watch it […]

3 Tips for Adding Rhinestones to Costumes

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It is the season of stoning – rhinestones! Use the following tips to expedite the application process. Use a tool to pick up your stones!  There are some commercially available devices for picking up rhinestones, but paraffin wax is effective…and inexpensive.  Canning wax is available at most grocery stores.  Cut a block of the wax and use […]

10 Costuming Tips for Dance Studio Owners

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The new season is rolling, and, in a corner, you likely have a growing stack of costume catalogs. When determining your studio’s costumes for this year’s performances, keep the following 10 tips in mind: Culture: Make sure your costumes fit into the culture and vibe of your studio. Whether you make the costume choices or […]

How About We Stop Pooh-Poohing Competition Dance…?

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What do you say?  Or am I the only one out there getting a little tired of hearing the description “Well, she’s a competition dancer” followed by an audible groan. I mean, really.  Is it a pride thing?  Is it a stereotype derived from “reality” TV? Or are competition dancers really as shallow and talentless […]

The Dress Code Dilemma

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Dance is a focused art that requires discipline, confidence, poise, and grace. Dance attire is a key component to the overall classroom experience, and it is important to establish and implement a dress code that fits into the culture of your facility. The Elimination of Distraction: A dress code eliminates in-class distractions. Students are not […]

Is your studio clean?

How to promote cleanliness at your dance studio.

Your studio’s cleanliness directly represents and impacts your brand, and you want your clients’ to have a great impression of your business and facility. Here are some tips to consider/implement: (1) Is your studio regularly swept, mopped, and sanitized? (2) Do you do daily inspections of your bathrooms, mirrors, and entrance area (front door, etc.)? […]

Constructive Coaching for Your Staff

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HOLDING STAFF ACCOUNTABLIE VIA CONSTRUCTIVE COACHING  The instructors at your studio are the backbone to your business. In order for your studio to operate successfully, the instructors must be invested in the studio’s culture. To hold staff accountable for their actions and encourage constructive coaching, implement an evaluation procedure that coincides with each pay period. […]

Tips for Selecting a Dance Studio

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SELECTING A DANCE STUDIO  Parents spend hours investigating and interviewing schools and extracurricular activities. Children spend countless hours at these institutions and parents make a hefty financial investment in them, too. When choosing a dance studio, use the following factors to assist in selecting a facility that best fits your family. 1. OWNER: The studio […]

Ten Methods for Posting Hiring Notices

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Your staff are the backbone to your business, so finding qualified, professional, knowledgeable, and nurturing individuals is critical to your dance studio’s success.  It is important that you take the time to find, interview, and train individuals that will be an asset to your business. The following methods for posting job opportunities have proven successful […]

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